Morgan County Sheriff's Office Staff

Sheriff Ron W. Puckett

   Captain John Bili - Administrative 

The Morgan County Sheriff's Office is a public service organization and willingly accepts the responsibility for:

Protecting life and property;

Respecting the rights of all, while recognizing the cultural diversity of the community we serve;

Identifying and maintaining a high level of professionalism, integrity, and readiness;

Delivering consistent and humane treatment to those placed in our care or custody;

Enforcing civil and criminal laws.

The mission of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office is to provide public service and protection to the citizens of the community. The responsibilities associated with this Mission are many. They include the enforcement of all federal, state, and local laws; maintaining peace and order in the county; protecting property and personal safety; providing professional public safety dispatching services and generally assisting citizens in need. Other responsibilities include, providing a safe and secure jail, ensuring proper care, custody, treatment, supervision and discipline for all persons committed to the custody of the Sheriff, and to properly receive and execute any and all legal civil processes referred to the Office of the Sheriff. The members of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office, by joining this Office, are expected to carry out these responsibilities diligently, courteously and professionally; and to take pride in the service they provide.