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Project Lifesaver

Pilot Club of Decatur is a non-profit charitable organization whose main focus is to promote awareness of brain-related diseases and disorders and to improve the lives of those affected, through education, volunteer activities, financial support and research.  We are a member of the Alabama District of Pilot International. Through Pilot International forming a partnership with Project Lifesaver International,  our club brought Project Lifesaver to Morgan and Lawrence County Sheriff's Departments and Decatur Police.     

  Who Does This Benefit?

·    Alzheimer’s

·    Autistic

·    Dementia

·    Down syndrome

·    Other brain-related diseases and disorders that may cause wandering.

The primary mission of Project Lifesaver is to provide timely response to save lives and reduce potential injury for adults and children who wander due to cognitive conditions. The task of searching for wandering or lost individuals with Alzheimer’s, autism, Down syndrome, dementia or other cognitive conditions is a growing and serious responsibility. Citizens enrolled in Project Lifesaver wear a small personal transmitter around the wrist or ankle that emits an individualized tracking signal. If an enrolled client goes missing, the caregiver notifies their local law enforcement agency, and a trained search and rescue team responds to the wanderer’s area. Most who wander are found within a few miles from home, and search times have been reduced from hours and days to minutes. Recovery times for PLI clients average 30 minutes — 95% less time than standard operations.

Project Lifesaver has over 1200 participating agencies across 46 states, Canada, and Australia, and has performed over 2,600 searches in the last 13 years with no serious injuries or fatalities ever reported. Project Lifesaver helps to save lives and "bring loved ones home".

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