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How do I obtain a copy of an Incident/Offense Report?
The only person who can obtain a copy of a report is the person who files the report. Reports may be picked up at the Sheriff's Office during regular business hours, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Photo identification is required.

Where can I get fingerprinted?
You may have fingerprints taken at the Morgan County Jail. If you have a special form please bring this form with you.

How do I obtain a copy of my driving record?
A driver's history is not public record. To obtain a copy of your record, please contact (334)242-4400 or (205)252-7445.

How can I obtain a copy of my criminal record?
A criminal history is not public record from the Morgan County Sheriff's Office. Our records are for law enforcement use only. To obtain a copy of your record, please contact the Alabama Bureau of Investigation at (334) 353-4350.

What is the cost of a pistol permit?
The cost of a pistol permit is $20.00 per year. Permits must be renewed annually. You will receive a Courtesy Renewal Notice in the mail prior to your expiration date. You may mail your money order, cashier's check, or personal check to the Sheriff's Office. We are located at 119 Lee St. N.E., Decatur, Al 35601. Make all checks out to: Morgan County Sheriffs Office, Pistol Permit

When applying for a pistol permit, what do I need to bring to apply?
When applying for a pistol permit, all you need to bring to the Sheriff's Office is your Driver's License.

Who can visit inmates incarcerated in the Morgan County Jail?
Friends and Family members can visit inmates being held in our facility. Visitation is held on daily.

How can I make someone's bond?
In most cases you can either do a cash bond, a property bond or have an approved bonding company post the bond.

Can I drop packages off at the Jail for an Inmate?
No. Packages can not be dropped off at the jail. Inmates are allowed to receive letters from friends and family sent through the mail. Please do not include money, postage or anything else in these letters. All Inmate mail should be mailed to: Morgan County Jail/Inmates name 119 Lee ST.NE Decatur, AL. 35601

Can I leave money for an Inmate?
Yes. Friends and family can mail money orders to the Morgan County Jail to be deposited into the inmates commissary account. Only money orders can be mailed. No cash or personal checks can be mailed. On Tuesday mornings, you may bring cash to the Sheriff's Office from 8:00 a.m. - 12 noon. No cash will be taken after that time.

Can I pick up property of an inmate?
Yes. Friends and family, with the inmates permission, can pick up personal property unless it's being held for evidence.

Can an Inmate release money to family members?
Yes. Inmates may release money from their commissary account to immediate family members. Family members picking up their money from the Sheriff's Office are required to show picture identification.

Can medication be dropped off to the inmates?
No. It is difficult to verify personal medications and to insure proper healthcare delivery; prescriptions will be made through the jail's nursing staff. Family members who have concerns about an Inmates health, need to contact the Morgan County Jail's Nursing staff at (256)560-6182.

Can the Sheriff's Office serve papers to a P.O. Box?
No. You must provide a physical address including a zip code.

Can you call and notify me when papers have been served?
No. With the large volume of papers served by the courts service division, it would be impossible to notify all parties after service has been made.

I found this paper on the door and this person doesn't live here. What do I do with the paper?
Please notify the Sheriff's Office immediately at (256)351-4809. We will send a deputy to pick up the papers.

How can I find out if you have received my papers from the courts?
Our clerical staff will be glad to assist you with that information. Please call (256)351-4809.

Do they evict you when it's raining or snowing?
No. We do not evict in inclement weather.

How do I go about getting someone evicted from my home or rental property?
First you must file an execution with Small Claims Court. Then the court will send the execution to the Sheriff's Office for process. For further information you may contact the Small Claims Office at (256)351-4640.

Where may I file a police report?
If you have an emergency please call 911. To report a crime that has occurred you may call Morgan County Dispatch at (256)301-1174. A Deputy will be dispatched to your location.

Can Deputy Sheriff's make traffic stops within the city limits?
Yes. Deputies have jurisdiction throughout Morgan County.