Rodeo Queen Pageant


"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD,"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

2016 MCSR Rodeo Queen

Mary Ashley Rohrscheib

Hey Y’all,

I want to welcome each of you to the 2016 Morgan County Sheriff’s Rodeo Queen Pageant. This year will be packed with rodeos, community appearances, and more exciting events. The commitment and dedication that the MCSR Queens exhibits is definitely worth their time and effort. Just ask any rodeo queen! A rodeo just wouldn’t be a rodeo without a rodeo queen! A rodeo queen’s knowledge and representation of the sport of rodeo and general horsemanship is a crucial part of the rodeos and continued success and allow her to act a liaison between the sport itself and its spectators. I look forward to meeting you and I sincerely hope that you enjoy our pageant as much as I anticipate that you will.

                                                     Thank You,

                                                Sheriff Ana Franklin


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Rodeo Queen Contract


  • You do not have to be a resident of Morgan County or the State of Alabama
  • You must be considerate of others and act with poise and lady-like behavior in any situation or circumstance.
  • Parents, family members, sponsors, coaches, committees and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend events but we ask that you do not have any contact with them during the judging sessions and at the rodeo. Anyone who fails to comply will be dismissed from participating in the pageant and/or pageant activites.
  • You are required to wear western attire (hat,boots,jeans,belt,etc...) at all events. Dress tops are nice but not mandatory. You are not expected to spend lots on money on clothing. The goal is to have fun, learn and to promote rodeo and its sponsors.
  • You will be judged on personality, apperance and poise, horsemanship (if applicable),l impromptu questions (if applicable), Modeling (if applicable), and speech (if applicable)
  • You will be disqualified if you attempt to influence or trouble any of the judges
  • You will be disqualified if any of your family members attempts to influence or trouble any of the judges
  • You will be disqualified if you, family members, sponsors, coaches, committees and or friends cause a disturbance with acts of misconduct
  • You will be disqualified if you display any conduct detrimental to the title of Miss Morgan County Sheriff's Rodeo Queen.
  • At the conclusion of the pageant, you will be mailed a copy of your score sheets. They will be kept on file for a period of   one month
  • You shall have no visible body piercings such as: eyebrow studs, nose rings, lip piercings, tongue studs, excessive earrings/studs. Remember, all eyes are on you. The Sheriff or Queen Pageant Committee reserves the right to decide if a piercing(s) is inappropriate.
  • Social Media shall always be appropriate. All language, photographs, etc...shall be of excellent moral standards.....absolutely no photographs with any visible body piercings, other than earrings, or tattoos. The Sheriff or Queen Pageant Committee reserves the right to decide if a social status or post is inappropriate.